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Life often happens in a spiral rather than a straight line, and this is especially true when it comes to the art-making process.

Experimenting and exploring the limits of watercolor led Susan Wahlrab to a new technique that is informed by 45 years of experience. Moving from paper to an archival clay surface mounted on hardboard, Susan layers watercolor, building a complex surface that is varnished and stable without glass. 

Revisiting years as an experimental printmaker, the challenge of applying washes on the clay is more like the litho stones she mastered while doing graduate study at the Rhode Island School of Design. The clay also makes it possible to draw and work into the surface, similar to her multi-process intaglio prints in museums throughout the world.

Hundreds of translucent layers create the vibratory affect of Susan's experience of the natural world. 

Nestled in the woods of Vermont is the Artist's Sudio

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