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COLOR OF NATURE - workshop

Einstein said: “Look into Nature and you will understand everything”. For many years now Susan Wahlrab has been doing just that and has a wonderful experience to offer that can give you a taste of this journey.


Science has now documented what the ancients have always known, that tapping into exploring the creative process supports us on all levels of body, mind, and spirit. This workshop is all about connecting to the universal field of nature by observing the intricacies of color. Participants will be guided to reproduce each hue and value to create a unique mosaic of life. Truly transformational for all levels of experience from novice to professional as the process drops you into a more present, conscious awareness. Not to mention just plain FUN!

This class draws from Susi’s lifetime of connecting to the nuance of life as a professional artist, certified Flower Essence practitioner, and advanced Yoga and Ayurvedic instructor. For 15 years as a professor teaching at Brown University, Framingham State College, and Maine College of Art a version of Color of Nature was a final assignment in a foundation color and design course. It was hands down everyone’s favorite and integrated the creative process. 

The journey of quieting the mind and slowing down, not only awakens our vision of the subtle beauty of Nature, it brings us back to our core of health and well-being. For truly this essence in us is Nature. 

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Contact Susan for more information and to bring this experience to your area, conference, or retreat or to register for upcoming classes. 

Next class offered - June 8th and 9th Highland Center For the Arts


Testimonials : 

What a great workshop and fun day! Not only an incredible artist but a skilled teacher, Susi has that unique ability to meet each of us wherever we happen to be on our artistic journey.  I have absolutely no art background or artistic skills, and yet, by the end of the workshop, I felt I had a better understanding of how to ‘see’ the patterns and colors of nature that infuse the world around us, and how to express that in a visual artistic form. Rosemary Gladstar

I just spent two fabulous days immersing myself in the Color of Nature with Susi Wahlrab, a very skilled and inspiring teacher, Having been a professional artist all my life, but not being one for whom color comes easily, I looked forward to this weekend's workshop as a way to reenergize and expand my knowledge of color, and I was not disappointed!Drawing on her years of experience as a college-level professor and practicing artist, as well as, yoga instructor, Susi lead us into the world of color thru movement, meditation, and deep seeing. It was truly a valuable and very fun workshop that any artist, no matter what level, would find enlightening. Hasso Ewing

"What a wonderful weekend it was! Thank you, Susie, for creating a safe space for me to bungle along, and thanks to everyone else for helping and encouraging me as I naively explored paint, color, and creativity. I love gazing at my masterpiece (ha!) and noticing something new each time. Each little tile has a life of its own and together they explode with possibility! "Roni

Inspirational! Fantastic! Fully Engaged!

The workshop Color of Nature has captured the Essence of Being an Artist. By opening the focus deep into the body, embracing the natural world in its simplicity, and by noticing the abundance in color, Susan has thoughtfully guided me to enrich my creative experience. -Heidemarie Holmes-Heiss

"I never had any painting experience but the workshop I felt very comfortable no pressure at all. I really learned about colors & was impressed by how this workshop can be benefit for all levels of Students. I’m looking forward to next Art workshop with you." Naren

"Susi creates an inspiring but safe place so that her students can take risks and create something true to their own vision."- Carolyn

I had never worked with paint in my life until I took Susi's workshop. Her warmth, encouragement, and expert instruction gave me an opportunity to explore the world of color in nature. It was exciting and fun, in addition to being a deeply meditative experience. Thanks, Susi!  - Marilyn Bush

Susi’s Color of Nature workshop was a blast. I knew a perfect place to see fabulous color is in nature. I had always wondered why the colors in a garden, or a forest, all go so well together. Now I know most colors from the natural world are created with complimentary colors. For example, the redness of a red onion is nothing like the red from the art store. Susi taught me the answer, in part, has to do with complementary colors. Thanks Susi. – Dodge Bingham

For many years now I have been wanting to play with paint ~ and was finally presented with an amazing opportunity to spend two full days with Susi along with a community of thoughtful and creative people in the most beautiful winter sanctuary in all of Vermont! Susi’s incredible talent and supportive teaching style helped all of us to feel at ease especially when she interspersed such sweet meditation and yoga as a way to open our minds and bodies to the experience. As the snow swirled softly outside the windows, we took up our brushes and learned how to trust ourselves with new openness to the color of nature.  - Lynn 

Click the image below to view the album from on of the Color of Nature's workshops.

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